augmented reality

Augmented Reality-Reshaping the Future

What is augmented reality?

Why is it in such limelight for almost a decade? Wondering all about what Augmented Reality is & how it is brought to work in real life? Let us take you through the basic understanding of Augmented Reality and give you vivid insight into its future world.

Augmented Reality:

The most significant technology trend today because it lets us visualize the digital world and merges it with the real one. In easy terms, AR allows us to see the natural – life environment through the naked eye with digital automation laid upon it. One of the everyday examples of Augmented Reality is the Snapchat Filters and using Voice Search to boost the location accuracy. One of the fun features Snapchatpioneers in is using the Bitmoji to show the location of every individual in your friend’s list on a visual map. Interesting, isn’t it?

In Business:

Discussing one of the great uses of Augmented Reality in the business world is the IKEA Mobile App. This application, through the use of AR, aims to make the shopping experience of their consumers more comfortable and more inspiring. It helps you see how a furniture piece from their collection would fit in your space. Isn’t that amazing? You can check which color palette goes well with your desired furniture piece. Which rug would complete the look of your living area? Seems like a great idea!

augmented reality
Augmented Reality in the business

In Medical:

This is just one aspect; AR is an excellent help in the medical world too. We being human might not ponder upon this and go into its depth with the naked eye. But this is what aids neurosurgeons to get a better understanding of the human brain through a 3D projection. This lets surgeons mentally transform two dimensional (2D) patient x-rays, Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI), or Computed Tomography (CT Scans) to 3D computer – rendered models of anatomy. Through this, they get a clear picture of the internal organs, which lets them plan accordingly.

augmented reality
Augmented Reality in Medical
In Games:

The great use of AR in the niche of gaming as you ever played Pokémon Go or Jurassic World Alive? For sure! Who hasn’t? Run up to the Pokémon and get a chance to achieve an excellent throw bonus or even have a picture-perfect opportunity. Not too fast, not too slow – make sure to keep to dodge the Pokémon in the real world for a great catch. Don’t like this idea enough? Interact with dinosaurs in the real world, pinch them to give a miniature touch, or go all enormous with your favorite pick.
I’m excited to see the world shift to Augmented Reality, are you?

AR in the niche of gaming
AR in the niche of Gaming
You can try AR and learn its features in advance from here. Let’s see what’s the revolution is all about!