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What is 5G Service? How it will effect our lives?

5G(The fifth generation):

Self-Aware Robots to Digital Money, the world is continuously transitioning towards making life easier for individuals living around the globe. With swift gadgets introduction every passing day & automated vehicles making their way onto the road, high-speed internet is becoming indispensable. Having an explosion of internet-dependent technology with recurring loading while watching high streaming videos, the mobile industry has brought into market 5G. The fifth generation of wireless networking technology. The technology that will help to make everyday living safer, quicker, and healthier. The Service to support yet unpredictable technologies.Sounds interesting?

The transition of 4G to 5G:

Hey, are you also curious about the speed that will be offering with 5G? To keep in mind that even today, we can download hundreds of GB’s of data in a matter of seconds? Digging into the facts, 5G promises to bring speeds of almost 20 gigabits per second to your gadgets. But what does this mean? That’s 600 times faster than the typical speed 4G is offering today on phones. Not only that, it can download a 4K high definition movie in just 25 seconds or even stream multiple together.

5G services
5G services

Real Need or Artificial Need?

5G is coming in the spotlight and becoming the center of attention of the world. Taking a look into the statistics is essential to have a clear understanding of the inclination of people towards this network. As surveyed by GSMA, almost 75% of the consumers around the world are aware of what 5G connection is. The results were observed with enthusiasm in China the most.50% of consumers in China are willing to buy a 5G phone as soon as it gets launched. The rates are comparatively lesser in the U.S. and Europe, being 30% and 15% – 20% respectively.

5G connection – Real Need or Artificial Need?
5G connection – Real Need or Artificial Need?

Will it impact our lives?

Caught in the buzz, every consumer around the globe is pondering upon the question: Will it impact my life? The answer to this question ends up in a tie between a YES, and a NO. Who will not like downloading an entire HD movie in just a few seconds or having all your home appliances connected in real-time? It could be your washing machine or an air conditioner? It’s the potential to bring fundamental changes in a daily routine that makes this an exciting service.
Whether it’s connecting to consumers in a blink of an eye or delivering your promotional message in just milliseconds, why don’t brands need it? You can also read in detail on the BBC article i.e “What is 5G and what will it mean for you?